Saturday, September 20, 2008

An Exciting Time to Buy a Home

With the roller coaster ride Wall Street is experiencing, again, many people are reconsidering the stability of real estate as an investment. You know, even in the markets that are suffering, it is a great time to buy because of the ability to buy a GREAT house for a low price. I would be all over that if I were in that market!!! I mean, people can actually buy the dream home that could not have began to afford several years ago. Even if they lose money if they have a house to sell, they will more than make up for it on the home they are buying.

If you aren't in a depressed market, the fact that interest rates dropped below 6% (we were getting 5.5% one day last week!) allows anyone to take advantage of their market! Here in the Greater Baton Rouge Area not only do we have low interest rates and good loan products if you have a decent credit score (560-580) we can find a loan product that meets your needs. We also have the First Time Home Buyer Bond Money that is now available, Rural Development Loans with 100% financing (and you don't have to be in a rural area to take advantage of this program), plus FHA loans with only 3% down!!!

This is a very exciting time to be in the real estate market!!

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Anonymous said...

Right. It may seem crazy (and I am sure most of the people now don't believe real estate market at all), but the best business can be done when everybody is telling you the opposite! If you want your dream house, I believe there will be nevermore such a great chance in the future - simply because the prices can't go lower ....
Take care